Bio - ME Photo

Photographers are the memory keepers.  We capture and archive memories of your wedding day, your newborn, your sixteen year old, or your graduate.  I'm a photographer because I'm proud to capture memories well.  

I hate hearing people say "I don't photograph well" or "I don't look good in pictures".  Pictures are first about memories, and second about aesthetics.  When someone says "let's take a picture!" what they are really saying is "I want to remember this!"  A photographer has so much control over how a subject is portrayed.  Light, angle, and composition all play huge roles in how we look in photos.  It's my honor to capture clients favorite memories from their events, milestones, and relationships.

I have been in business for over seven years, and enjoy photographing couples, families, weddings, events, commercial work and documentary projects.  I am based in Wallingford, CT, servicing the greater New Haven and Hartford areas. 

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