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Hartford Womens March

"I went to a women’s college which was one of the most life changing events I’ve experienced. After having Ruth Simmons and the first African American President of Smith, Gloria Steinem and tons of women on campus coming and talking about women’s issues, this is like coming home. It’s not hard to make that connection, I think it’s almost purposeful. I also see that working as a teacher in a private school where many kids come from so many different backgrounds and socioeconomic classes and walks of life; it’s important for us to step up and give them as much background information on the Women’s Movement and points of intersectionality. The difference between a Beyonce Lemonade album and a belll hooks poem, and how that connects or not ; but we can’t have a Lemonade album with out bell hooks, we can’t have any of that without Dorothy Pitman Hughes— who lead Gloria Steinham to understand how the movement impacts women of color and women living pay check to pay check, so getting my students to understand these women are the foundation of feminism makes it more personal."